About Our Events

Since 1995, we've sponsored the Nation's Biggest Jewish Singles Events. The Ball, our annual Christmas Eve party, is the premier Jewish Singles event in both NYC and LA and is attended by 3,000+ Jewish Singles annually in New York City alone! In addition to The Ball, LetMyPeopleGo.com Jewish Singles sponsors cocktail parties, intimate gatherings, and large holiday events throughout the year. We also offer Jewish travel opportunities.

Why are our events so popular?

  • Because our events are geared to specific age groups (translation: women, no more men your father's age hitting on you!).
  • Because we reserve locations exclusively for our young single Jewish crowd and choose only the hippest venues.
  • Because we get the best DJs (and sometimes live bands) for our club events.
  • Because while the music is great to dance to, we make sure that it is never so loud that you cannot talk.