The mother of all Jewish Singles parties and the largest Jewish singles event in the nation

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Reviews of The Ball

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"The mother of all Jewish Singles parties and the largest Jewish singles event in the nation."
-- TimeOut New York Magazine

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"A high-end event," "awash in cocktail dresses," "attended by Cosmopolitan's Bachelor of the Month" and "3,000 guests who schmoozed their way over three vast floors.
-- New York Magazine, "Looking for Mr. Goldberg"

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"With an estimated 3,000 guests and music calculated to permit conversation, both the dancing and the flirting were said to have been great."
-- New York Times, "A Shining Night"

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Selected as top regional event by Travel Section during Christmas Week. "More than 3,500 dressed-to-impress" attendees to "venue-hop in style" at "the country's largest Jewish Singles event."
-- The Washington Post

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"Christmas Eve is the biggest, banging-est night of the year for Jewish singles, with as many as 15 matzo ball parties being thrown in the city... has been the grandest one of all, packing 'em in 3,000 strong, including Jewish jet-setters from London, Toronto, and Sydney."
-- The Village Voice

New York Post log

"The Christmas Eve gold standard is The Ball."
-- The New York Post

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"JDate? Feh...If you've been looking for a Nice Jewish Girl/Guy ... [and] are determined to hook up with someone of the Hebraic persuasion, there's one event that promises to be a bigger deal than the parting of the Red Sea: Let My People Go. It's the nation's biggest Jewish singles event."
-- LA Weekly

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"Contrary to what JDate might have you believe, the hottest event in town isn't the Matzo Ball. For the past 11 years, LetMyPeopleGo has been hosting parties at various venues for Jewish singles all over the U.S, including NYC, where 4,000 singles are anticipated to attend this year's event."
-- Jewcy

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"The Ball is a holiday in its own right for Jewish Singles."
-- Paper Magazine

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"Ever wonder where all the young, hip Jewish kids go on Christmas Eve? They're at the one, the only, The Ball, which is basically a humongous cluster of Jewish singles partying 'til Christmas morning. It's so big, they need two separate venues."
-- Paper Magazine

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"The Ball, the Jewish mother of all singles parties, produced by runs simultaneously at three cavernous, hot Chelsea clubs… with free limousine shuttle service between them…"
-- New York Daily News, "Matzoh Balls on Christmas"

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"Not a creature stirs on Christmas Eve… but that's not the case at this annual party for the city's young and Jewish where some 3,000 people turned out to dance, romance and kick back last year."
-- New York Daily News logo

Editor's Pick of the Week: "There are only so many egg rolls you can eat, and softly lit Kathie Lee specials you can watch, on Christmas Eve before you lose it… Join other lovely latke-lovers at the annual (Matzo) Ball this Christmas Eve."

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"While Christmas Eve may be a silent night ... it's been a night on the town for young New York Jews these past few years, thanks, in part, to"
-- New York Blueprint
(Having a Ball, Kosher Style: Matzah Ball Takes Center Stage)